Lisbon’s hidden gems

In Lisboa, you could try out a new place every day and you would still not manage to experience everything! There are so many beautiful places! Most of the “famous” places are overcrowded by tourists. Bloggers, and Vloggers are presenting Lisbon’s “must see places”, “the perfect day in Lisbon”, “the perfect week-end”, “to do-to-see-lists”.. so many guides..

But there are still some places, local people enjoy, and I want to write about these places, without revealing the geographical details. Just because I love Lisbon and I want – in a way – collect these sweet places..

And so, today I am starting  a new series, Lisbon’s Hidden Gems, in which I’ll post the favorite (secret) places of locals, people born or living in Lisbon.

If you’re from Lisboa , you probably know these places already.And if you are living in Lisbon and would like to share your favorite place, please send me a photo, your name, and some words about the place, but do NOT indicate the geographical details.

One of my hidden gems you can see on these photos. I love to have lunch there outside in the sunshine. The food is great for such a little price, mommy is cooking, daddy is standing outside looking for new guests or chatting, and they love animals ♥




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